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Marketing Content for Financial Services, Technology and Professional Services

As a veteran writer, I have a broad range of experience in marketing communications. I write SEO website content, blogs, promotional e-mails, brochures, product data sheets, press releases, case studies, customer success stories, white papers, scripts, social media content, ads and more. The majority of my work is business-to-business (B2B) writing, but I also know the thrill of seeing my work displayed in big-box stores (B2C). 

Financial Services
Having begun my career in banking, I have considerable knowledge of the financial services industry. Banks, wealth managers, mortgage providers, insurance companies, benefits providers and payment processors are among the clients I have helped over the years. I've had the pleasure of introducing financial innovations like equity index annuities and no-load life insurance

My background includes six years of experience writing about Sage Software products and a broad array of enterprise products licensed by Hewlett-Packard. Writing marketing copy for the software industry requires some finesse; it often includes both B2B and B2C components and it always requires heavy interaction with a legal department. 

I have also written about cutting-edge hardware, including telepresence systems and the latest computer technology. I create sales tools that show the competitive advantages of using a well-engineered product. 

Professional Services
I work with a number of CPA firms. Often, the challenge is helping a firm demonstrate its expertise in a particular market niche. Blogs and guest editorials are a couple of ways to get out the word. I also develop website and newsletter content for them. Consulting and real estate firms have many of the same content needs. I have had success approaching relevant trade publications and offering them articles from industry experts. 

Specializing in financial services, technology and professional services 
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