When you need a marketing writer, experience alone is not enough. Experience that’s relevant to your industry matters. For more than fifteen years, I have focused on the industries I know best.
Thomas LaFreniere, Business Writing & Editing 

Marketing Content for Financial Services, Technology and Professional Services

​When you need a marketing writer, experience alone is not enough. Experience that's relevant to your industry matters. With deep knowledge of my clients' businesses, I provide valuable insights about how they can achieve their marketing objectives. A top priority of my clients is demonstrating expertise to prospective customers. Blogs and case studies have proven to be highly effective. 

Blogs for Consultants, CPAs and Real Estate Professionals 

Blog content is a very popular client request this year. One of the most important ways I can help a client is by developing and maintaining a consistent brand voice - whether the vehicle is a blog, printed collateral, a product website or a tweet. A consistent brand voice helps develop a relationship of trust with the customer.

Delivering projects on schedule and under budget is always important, but especially in this challenging economic environment. As an experienced writer, I save my clients valuable time. I fill the gaps when background information is incomplete or a client's schedule doesn't allow for a thorough project briefing. When I'm working on a project, the client spends minimal time managing content development. 

My goal is to develop long-term relationships by providing outstanding customer service and expert copy writing services. Satisfied clients include marketing agencies that contract for industry-specific expertise. Please browse through the portfolio of my work, and call me to discuss your next project. 

Specializing in financial services, technology and professional services 
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